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Combating Haze

Hazy Merlion

In 2013, haze index surpassed 400 right here in our sunny island and have caused an impact on our health. Having a better understanding of haze and its symptoms can be very useful.

Haze is an atmospheric condition where particles, smoke, dust and moisture suspend in the air
obscuring visibility. These fine particles can cause irritations to the nose, throat, airways, skin and eyes when inhaled. One may have running nose, irritated eyes, sneeze, dry throat, coughing and headaches after inhaling the air pollutants.

Children, pregnant women, elderly, people suffering from chronic medical conditions especially lung or heart disease are more vulnerable to the harmful impact of haze. Extra precaution should be taken into considerations such as staying indoors and minimise outdoor activities when PSI exceeds 100.

Protecting against the haze by following these useful tips!

  • Pay attention the PSI readings on the air quality – NEA PSI Readings
  • Minimise outdoor activities, especially vigorous activities such as sports
  • Close all windows, doors and any openings that may allow the particles to seep in your home and office
  • Use an air purifier to keep the particulate levels low
  • Clean and service the air conditioners regularly to ensure they are in good working conditions
  • Take your medication regularly if you are suffering from an existing medical condition, especially heart or respiratory condition
  • Limit or avoid smoking and using gas stoves, candles, incense or anything that burns indoors
  • Wear an N95 face mask when moving around outdoors under severe haze conditions
  • Consult a doctor if you feel unwell or nauseous with a severe headache and cough
  • Asthmatic patients should stay indoors at all times

PS: Start taking good care of your family and loved ones by first taking care of yourself! 

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