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Madam Goh – 79 years old

Madam Goh requires ADL-assistance (Activities of Daily Life) and was diagnosed with mild dementia, depression and other old age illnesses. Prior to attending GoldenCare senior daycare centre, she was with government subsidized daycare centre for 3 years. Both herself and family caregivers weren’t satisfied with the service provided and realized that Madam Goh wasn’t happy at all at the centre. When Madam Goh and her caregivers visited GoldenCare in 2014, they immediately enrolled into our day care centre the very next day.

At GoldenCare, we actively encourage Madam Goh to participate in our age appropriate exercises to help strengthen and maintain her core muscles and general well-being. We sent her caregivers some candid pictures of her taken while she was participating in various activities. Her caregivers immediately noticed the cheerful smile from the bottom of their mother’s heart, which they had never seen in her earlier pictures taken from the other centre.

However, in September 2015, an unfortunate incident happened to Madam Goh. She fell ill and was admitted to hospital. She subsequently withdrew from our centre and enrolled into a step-down care hospital to recuperate. During that period, we maintain close contacts with Madam Goh’s caregiver to provide them with emotional support with visits to her during her hospitalization.

We were very touched when Madam Goh’s family told us that she missed the GoldenCare staffs and clients. Madam Goh has repeatedly requested to be discharged as soon as possible so that she could return to our daycare centre. Madam Goh managed to recover and has returned to GoldenCare Centre at Kallang after close to 2 months of absence.