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Madam Wong – 88 years old

Madam Wong who has history of Alzheimer condition, sustained fracture on her hip and rib region during an accident from slipping on the first step of a flight of stairs in Jul 2015. After various scans and discussions, doctor has issued a memo stating for home discharged but with needed closed supervision and relevant rehabilitation at a private day rehabilitation centre.

After searching for a reliable day care centre on the Internet, Madam Wong’s family brought her down for a free trial to let Madam Wong experience what a day care centre is all about. When we first met Madam Wong, she came in wheel chair accompanied by helper on the trial day. She exhibited the common traits of an Alzheimer sufferer’s behavior. She was always throwing tantrums and refused to consume meals prepared by our in-house chefs.

Our dedicated healthcare team understands the mental and physical pain that she was going through was excruciating. We spoke to Madam Wong’s caregiver to be more patient towards her temperament and requested him to at least have his mother under our care for a month. Madam Wong continues her tantrums for the first few days. Her condition of depression was picked up by our skilled staff notifying about the suspected issues and had advised the family to seek medical intervention for Madam Wong.

She has subsequently readmitted to the hospital for the above condition.   Madam Wong was back to our centre after 1 week of hospitalization. She came back from a grumpy old granny that is always scolding people to a amicable who always wears a smile and being thankful, Madam Wong has change for the better. It wasn’t the work of GoldenCare alone, it was a collaborative effort with Madam Wong’s family, domestic helper and other medical team. Patience and words of encouragement meant a lot to the seniors, it motivates and gives them the confidence that they are still capable of achieving much more than what we can imagine.