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Mr. Seah – 64 years old

A promising legal practitioner struck with multiple medical issues resulting in a very fragile medical state. Mr. Seah was admitted to hospital for months with his health deteriorated frequently. His condition was so severe that EOL (End Of Life) was brought up for discussion with his family members. As they have high hopes for Mr. Seah’s recovery, they requested the doctors not to discuss any further.

Witnessing how his medical condition has taken its toll on his family, Mr. Seah gave up hope on living. On several episodes of emergencies, he refused to receive further medical intervention to prolong his life. Luckily, his wife and family managed to persuade him on his bedside to receive the necessary medical aid.

Mr. Seah was subsequently transferred to a step-down care for months before enrolling into our centre in October 2015. His wife still bears high hopes for his recovery and hopes that he can become a volunteer in our centre someday. He was neither interested in any activities nor talking to anyone in the centre, death and grievances was the only thing he talks about. All he does was sitting on his wheel chair and falling asleep quietly.

Through dialogue with his family and the medical report from the medical team, we have a better understanding of what Mr. Seah has gone through. We gave him words of encouragement sense of achievement and respecting his personal space (physical and psychological), which he needed the most. One day, we noticed that Mr. Seah has reignited his will to live, he used water bottle as weights to train up his muscle strengths. The staffs at GoldenCare have many occasions met with smiles from Mr Seah, which wasn’t the norm.

From being totally wheelchair bounded, Mr. Seah is able to walk a few meters without any walking aid. Another noticeable improvement is his willingness to partake in group activities such as arts & crafts and social outings.