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Trial Day Related

1. What Should I Bring On The Trial Day?

Bring along the nric/passport of both your elder and you, medical reports and medications (if any), additional clothing or jackets.

2. What time do I bring my elder down?

You may wish to bring your elder down before 9.30am on the trial day, we would take the vital signs of the elder and provide the elder with morning tea-break.

3. My elderly is unable to attend the trial day, what should I do?

A minimum of three (3) days per week is recommended in order for the client to remain adjusted to the program and receive maximum benefit from activities. They may choose to attend for a few hours a day or full day session.

4. My elderly is not feeling well, can I still bring him/ her to the centre?

Please inform us early via calls, text or email. Remember to bring him/ her to visit a doctor.

5. Do you provide transportation on the trial day?   

No, we are unable to do so as insurance coverage is only available for our customers. Trial day elders is not considered as our client as per insurance company policies.

6. What would be expected of me on the trial day?

We would need approximately half an hour of your time to go through the environment and some documentations (The elder would be participating our events). After the documentations are done, you may leave and return to pick your elder up at approximately 4pm. Remember to inform them about your leaving and the timing you would be back to pick them up. Please also share with us information about your elders: such as likings, medical conditions, moods & etc.

7. My elder resist coming for the trial day, what should I do?

Proper communication must be in place, you should convince her that this is not a nursing home. It’s a daycare centre where the elders will come in the morning to do exercise, mingle around and enjoy. They get to go home everyday and spend quality time in the evening.

New To The Daycare Centre

1. My elderly is new to the centre, how can I help them to better integrate into the centre’s activities?

Share with us information about him/ her to help us gain a better understanding of his/ her character, likes/ dislikes, some of their favourite activities, dietary preferences, medical conditions their feedbacks about our centre. More importantly, you might wish to make them feel appreciated and encourage them to participate actively in our daily activities and events. This will help them gain interest in our centres

2. What is Separation Anxiety?

People of all ages would experience some form of separation anxiety when they are in a new environment amongst new people. They may feel uncomfortable as they are taken out of their comfort zone, however do not worry about it. Continue to encourage them to participate in our daily activities, which will help improve their health, social skills and minimize the rate of suffering from depression.

3. My elderly is unable to attend the sessions for 5 days; can I opt for lesser days?

A minimum of three (3) days per week is recommended in order for the client to remain adjusted to the program and receive maximum benefit from activities. They may choose to attend for a few hours a day or full day session.

4. My elderly is not feeling well, can I still bring him/ her to the centre?

Clients with infectious disease or illness such as vomiting, diarrhoea or fever & etc are not allowed to attend the center to prevent spreading the virus to other elderly. Please kindly notify our centre by 8.00am if your loved one is unable to attend.

5. Can I visit my elderly at the centre?    

Yes, you may visit them visit from between 10:00 a.m. to 11.45 a.m. or between 2:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. However, this should not be on a regular basis as it may discourage their independency. We also seek your understanding that ongoing family involvement is essential. Families are encouraged to attend special events, caregiver classes, and support group meetings.

6. My elderly is unable to attend, what should I do?                   

Please kindly will give the centre 24 hours’ notice, stating the reason if client is unable to attend. If client is ill and cannot attend, notification must be made by 8:00 a.m.

7. What happens during the haze period and the PSI level is very unhealthy?

Elders are very vulnerable under such circumstances; our day care centre may be closed at the discretion of the Executive Director, upon approval from the Board of Directors or in accordance with Ministry of Health of Singapore. Announcements will be made known to the caregivers. You are also encouraged to contact our centre if you should have any queries.

8. My elderly is a smoker; is he/ she allowed to smoke at your centre?

The centre is a NO-SMOKING environment and there is strictly NO SMOKING or use of any tobacco products within the centre to avoid inconveniences to other elderly and causing any fire hazards.

9. What should my elderly bring to the centre?

Elders are being issued with personal locker and are encouraged to bring only basic necessities such as sweaters if they feel cold, medications, diapers, additional clothing & etc. Valuable items are discouraged to bring and our centre shall not be responsible for damage, breakage, or theft of client’s personal items. We also have CCTVs installed and theft would be reported to the police.

10. My elderly have special needs and requires assistance/ supervision with his/ her medication, what should I do or know?

We recommend that you hand their medication handed over to our staff personally and ensure their daily medication is in an original/duplicate prescription bottle (or zip locked plastic bag). For non-prescription medication it must be in original container (or clearly labelled zip locked plastic bag).

*Assistance/supervision includes reading labels, opening bottles, reminders, checking self-administered dose against dosage shown on container, observing the client while taking the medication, reassuring client he/she is taking the right dosage, and reporting any changes to the caregiver and/or physician.

We shall also maintain records of medications taken by the elderly; including the date and frequency they took their medication. All medication errors, drug reactions, or suspected over-medications will be reported to the client’s responsible caregiver / guardian.

Other assistance such as bathing, changing of diapers, cleaning of wounds are subject to case-by-case basis and additional charges may apply.

11. What happens if my elderly experience an emergency in the centre?

We will attend to the elderly immediately and notify the caregivers about the situation. In the event of an emergency, the staff will use any available ambulance or emergency service to transport to the nearest hospital determined by the service provider. All charges for services will be the responsibility of the client/caregiver.

12. Is my elderly covered with insurance?

All Beneficiaries utilising Goldencare shall be insured under an insurance policy with an insurance company approved and appointed by Goldencare during the Validity Period. However do kind note that, you shall be responsible to pay for an additional healthcare insurance premiums when the need arise.

13. I’m unable to pick up my elderly on time, what should I do?

Please inform our centre early so we can make arrangement for manpower to look after your loved ones. Do kindly note that there is a late pick up charge of $5.00 for every block of 5 minutes subjected to case-by-case basis.

14. When should I make payment for the renewal of enrolment?

The payment should be made 1 month prior to the expiry of the subscription. Any other fees involved for the participation of activities/ fees shall be billed separately from the subscription fees.

15. What if my elderly met with unforeseen circumstances and are unable to continue with the subscription?

Please kindly inform our centre at the soonest possible time. We seek your cooperation to provide us with necessarily information/ documents so our management could review the case to determine if it is a temporary or permanent absence. For formal termination, it should be given with a one-month written notice to our centre’s registered address. Any outstanding funds would be return if applicable.

16. Are information such as videos, pictures and etc of my elderly being published on the digital platforms?

In line with our growth and advancement, we have to upkeep with the social media tools and would like to update all our social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ & etc.). We will use pictures of clients’ of Goldencare of them participating in our centre’s daily activities and will update the pictures on our social media platforms.

This consent shall be valid until the Group is informed of your wish to withdraw your consent.

* We seek your understanding that this section only addresses to the common asked questions, for more information please do not hesitate to contact our centre. Alternatively, you may wish to read up more on the Rules & Regulations signed forth by you prior to enrolment.