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Tips For Healthy Living In Your Golden Years

Healthy Living For Senior

To avoid being the victims of aging, lifestyle is the key to maintain the youthfulness.
To outrun the mental and physical declination, a complete lifestyle makeover is necessary.

Be Active Socially, Physically and Mentally

Commit to go Healthy… Anyone, young or old, can always make a change to the way they live to be healthier. The degree of change varies between individuals, every small steps contributes. You can always starts small by reconnecting with long lost friends, visiting new attractions, taking up classes in the community centers or start light exercising of 10 minutes and etc. The main point is to always try something new and not stick to old routines.

Gain control of your health… Always seek doctors advises when it’s necessary before it gets worsen. When they fell sick, elders usually refuse to see doctors and wait patiently for their own body to recover.

Eating healthy… As the old saying goes, “you are what you eat”. As we age, our taste bud goes dull and we would increase the flavors such as salt to make it tastier. However, too much salt would lead to kidney failures and other health concerns. Remember to go light on your diets.

According to the Singapore statistics, life expectancy is increasing for both male and female. Living longer can also mean living better! By maintaining a good mix of productivity, physical, social and spiritual activities, we also fight against depression, which affects 5.6% of the population (Health Promotion Board). Remember healthy living is a choice, not an option!

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