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Why do you have low back pain?

The underlying causes of low back pain can be complex and are not always readily apparent. There are many anatomical structures in the low back that can cause severe lower back pain and pain that radiates into the legs and feet. These include: Soft tissues, such as muscles, ligaments and tendons; Bones, which provide the structural building blocks of the spinal column; Facet joints; the outer rim of the disc, the annulus, can be a source of significant low back pain due to its rich nerve supply and tendency towards getting damaged; Nerves, which branch out from the spinal cord in the low back and innervate the legs and feet.

Unlike many other medical conditions, the experience of low back pain tends to be different for many people. Two people can have the exact same condition, but for one it is incapacitating and for the other it is a mere nuisance. For most people, a spinal abnormality is painless. In addition, other factors, such as psychological, emotional, and financial, often contribute to and influence a person’s experience of low back pain.

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